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    Come enjoy paradise!
    A Bit of History

    When Portuguese navigators first arrived in the 16th century, they sailed the historical discovery route of Pedro Alvarez Cabral. This route is between Santa Cruz and the nearby the Monte Pascoal, spotted 48 miles off-shore.

    Trancoso stands in the center of this sailing.

    Its unique landscape – red slopes out by small rivers deltas witch flows its way into the sea, a different aquarela each day and its proud and friendly natives has extraordinary magnetic effect upon visitors who by and large become habituées and residents.

    Trancoso keeps the original Jesuitic architecture: the São João Church, was built, as usual, in the best place so jesuits could have one eye on the coast wacthing eventual pirates and other on the recently converted natives, disposed in two facing rows.

    Recent archeological findings in the church underground have called the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) attention which in a joint-venture with the Institute of National Historical-Artistic Patrmony (IPHAN) is promoting local researchers.

    Real Estate Opportunities

    Please check our Real Estate area for great land for sale opportunities in Trancoso.